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Trading Phrases
Selling clothes online
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Selling home decor online
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We don’t have many sales from Facebook per se, but it is a great addition to our Facebook page that potential customers can see the products we have to offer. We are an eCommerce business, so getting new customers to our door and keeping them engaged is a big deal for us.

A few stats:

  • the number of actual Facebook sales: 12 totaling $744.58, and an additional $141.40 in repeat business.
  • We started using fCommerce around June of 2012, so these sales are not bad considering it’s been only a year and most people are not used to shopping on Facebook directly.
  • Our Fans on Facebook: 32,695.

Our primary use for Facebook is to interact with our customers and have a conversation about interior decorating, our products, designs that customers want to see, and to share photos and project ideas across the community.

According to Google Analytics, our Facebook referral traffic is worth an average of $500 a month in revenue for us, and fCommerce is just another way to engage those potential customers. FYI, Pinterest is worth about $600 in additional revenue each month. Social media is definitely a great way to sell online and get new visits to your eCommerce store.

Facebook fans and their engagement is a major factor in SEO for our eCommerce site, along with adding social credibility, referrals, and more. Facebook is a big part of our marketing strategy, and we project that customers will learn to adapt to it as a way to shop in the future.

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