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Caroline Powell
Caroline Powell

Caroline Powell is an Event Manager, Partner Specialist, and Marketing Expert at DISQO. Managing events from creation to completion, she has experience in marketing campaigns, advertising, blog writing, directing a team, and ensuring the events' success through nurture endeavors.

Posts by Caroline Powell

Multichannel Tax Compliance for Growing eCommerce Brands

Following the Tax Rules as a Multichannel Seller originally aired live on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Information provided was up to date as of that date. It’s difficult to have a conversation about eCommerce without addressing the effects of COVID-19. Though the world is beginning to open back up, eCommerce as an industry continues to […]

Drive Traffic & Convert Sales: Pulling the Right Levers

Drive Traffic & Convert Sales: Pulling the Right Levers originally aired live on Wednesday, July 23, 2021. Information provided was up to date as of that time. One of the hardest things about growing your business is driving traffic to your website to convert into sales. Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t find or what […]

Google Core Vitals Updates: Are You Ready?

If you have your own website, you need to drop everything and pay attention. Big updates are coming to Google Core Vitals and how they apply to your SEO rank. This month, Google is making changes to how they rank websites, putting increased importance on what they call “Core Web Vitals.”  Google’s goal with these […]

Using Buyer Personas for Targeted Selling Tactics

Do you know who the people shopping in your store are? Understanding the needs of your customers and their motivation to purchase your products is extremely essential nowadays. This knowledge can help you target the company's content marketing and social media campaigns more efficiently. Get to know your clients as closely as your best friends and the marketing campaigns' results will pleasantly surprise you.

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