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16 Golden Rules: Making Your Auto Website More Trustworthy

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

If you represent a well-trusted automotive brand, you may not find this page useful. If you’re not, may I suggest sticking around a little longer as I share the most crucial ingredient for crafting a successful auto parts store: building trust with your potential customers.

Why is having a trustworthy store essential for an online automotive aftermarket for business owners like yourself? Is it an issue at all? IT IS.

Big brands spend much time and energy building trust with their customers. For example, Len Stavish, the CEO of CarID, shared his ideas for creating his own store with our team, and brand awareness is a big one.

Let me explain it in more detail and, most importantly, why you should care

The traditional focus on quality, satisfaction and the elimination of problems does not create reasons for customers to trust a brand. In this rapidly changing market, satisfaction alone is not enough.

Dave White, AMCI Global Client Services president

According to CXL, what your website visitors are looking for within the first few seconds of accessing your eCommerce website is the reason to leave, which proves the fact that first impressions matter. 

You have to ensure that your automotive website conveys trustworthiness and your potential shoppers get everything they expect. 

Grab a cup of coffee and read on, we’ll share some of the latest strategies for building credibility and trust with your buyers, which is especially important if you are selling car parts and accessories online.

For the ease of understanding, I’ve split the buyer experience into four parts that follow one after another.

The first one is already on the way. Stay tuned to our blog updates!

Part I: Building Trust the Moment You Meet Automotive Buyers Online

You’ll learn:
  • – Ways to make your brand front-of-mind.
  • – Some technical things to take care of.
  • – How paid advertising can help build visibility.
  • – The latest trends.

Part II: Giving the Impression of a Trusted Auto Parts Website

You’ll learn:
  • – What labels you should use to build immediate trust with your potential buyers.
  • – Why data accuracy should be your priority.
  • – A little bit about the latest trends (BNPL, leveraging Big Data, etc.)

Part III: Building Credibility With Your Auto Parts Shoppers While Getting a Bit Closer to Them

You’ll learn:
  • – Why being accessible to your customers is a must at this stage.
  • – Why product descriptions, blog content, and the ‘slang’ you use should be taken seriously.
  • – Things to refrain aтв trends to follow.

Part IV: Establishing The After-Purchase Credibility With Your Aftermarket Car Parts Buyers

You’ll learn:
  • – Why being eco-friendly is not just another trend to follow. It’s a bit more than that.
  • – Some of the ways to stay connected with your shoppers after the purchase.
  • – Why it’s time to optimize your shipping strategy.
Helen Golubeva
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Helen is an SEO and Content Marketing Specialist. She has been creating and planning content for over 10 years, with 5+ years specializing in eCommerce.

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