X-Cart 5.2.13: hot-fix release

Anna Shvetsova
Anna Shvetsova
, Marketing manager at X‑Cart

X-Cart 5.2.13 is a non-scheduled release focused on fixing bugs. Having released X-Cart 5.2.12 we’ve got several complaints, which helped us to reveal issues and errors showing up in some particular cases. Please update your stores to 5.2.13 to protect them from these issues:

  • errors affecting stores hosted on servers with PHP 5.3;
  • re-disabled modules right after enabling during the store upgrade, and these modules’ data is removed from the database;
  • clean URLs related issues resulting in redirect loops;
  • issues caused by the large array of serialized data saved in session_cells table in the database;
  • images duplication during import.

You can find the list of fixes and updates in X-Cart 5 Changelog. Update to 5.2.13 will appear in all stores within a day.

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