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Part I: Building Trust the Moment You Meet Automotive Buyers Online

At this stage, your potential shoppers are entrenched into web space exploration doing the actual research for the auto parts they need. Deeply and aggressively.  They use Google search and subreddits for finding specific car aftermarket parts (on Reddit, evidently). They browse through oodles of questions on Quora, take part in unending conversations with automotive […]

Google Core Vitals Updates: Are You Ready?

If you have your own website, you need to drop everything and pay attention. Big updates are coming to Google Core Vitals and how they apply to your SEO rank. This month, Google is making changes to how they rank websites, putting increased importance on what they call “Core Web Vitals.”  Google’s goal with these […]

How to Write Great Product Descriptions for your Online Store in 8 Steps

This blog post was originally contributed by Reuben Yonatan, the founder of GetVoIP. How do you write product descriptions that convince sellers to buy without being too salesy? It’s an age-old question. Seductive product descriptions can mean moving units or watching your inventory decompose. Potential customers make purchase decisions after reading your product description, you […]

How To Speed Up Your Mobile Website [Infographic + Examples]

3, 2, 1…Time’s up. Your precious customer just walked out of your loving arms into those of your savvy competitor’s. Why? Because your mobile website is not speedy enough to catch up with society’s need for speed. In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts when it comes to your website — so don’t let that […]

SEO for Beginners, part 3: How to Create Product Descriptions That Search Engines Will Love

All the technical details of the product description process is bound to meet the harsh reality of massive content requirements, budget restrictions and deadlines. Who would bother correcting the meta tags and keywords, right? The devil is in these details though and if your web store is dependent of Google you should really implement these additional steps in your content editing tasks.

SEO for Beginners, part 2: How To Optimize Your Store Content

In the last post in X-Cart blog I was helping you take first steps in the eCommerce SEO. We've discussed a few basic and important tips that will help you improve your store's visibility. One of them was optimizing every bit of content that appears on your website. Indeed, content optimization is one of the biggest factors when it comes to SEO tactics. That's why today's post will be just about creating content that is both user and search engine friendly.

SEO for Beginners, part 1: First Steps in Making Your Store Visible to Search Engines

Nowadays it is just not enough to put an online business live and wait for visitors and (hopefully) customers to come. Any shop owner should take care of the visibility of his business from the very start. I know that for most people the search engine optimization (SEO) term sounds technical, professional and rather out-of-reach. Indeed SEO is a pretty analytical and complex subject, but it doesn't mean that you can't learn the basics and optimize your store on your own...

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