Avalara powers Sales Tax Automation for Online Merchants running X-Cart 5 and X-Cart 4!

Placeholder Avalara powers Sales Tax Automation for Online Merchants running X-Cart 5 and X-Cart 4!

Sales tax in the U.S. is complex and always changing. With more than 11,000 taxing jurisdictions and hundreds of thousands of different product taxability rules, online retailers struggle to keep up and stay compliant. And while the merchants running online stores powered by X-Cart 4 already had access to a perfect solution of this problem, for X-Cart 5 customers, all of that ends today!

X-Cart is excited to announce the further step of partnership with Avalara, a leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions related to sales tax, VAT and other transactional taxes.

Avatax module – for every X-Cart store!

Now all X-Cart customers have access to AvaTax™ to automate sales tax calculation, collection and remittance:

  • In X-Cart 4 the integration module is built in starting from v.4.6

  • The users of earlier versions may consider a module by Kosmos Central, that’s good for vv4.1.x-4.5.x

  • in X-Cart 5 the Avatax module installation is a matter of several seconds.

Learn more at the webinar on June, 17th

AvaTax connects to X-Cart and instantly applies the correct sales tax, based on accurate product taxability rules and precise geolocation. They simplify your cash flow by collecting a single tax payment and automate filing to eliminate the complications of sending monthly, or quarterly, payments to every city, county and state where you do business. Avalara provides end-to-end compliance and accuracy for all your transactional tax needs.

Take the next step towards automating your sales tax process by contacting us today, or sign up for our upcoming webinar on June 17, 2015.

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