Meet X-Cart Team in Tampa, Chicago or Los Angeles in June 2017. We can’t wait to see you!

Helen Tarkhanova

Last year we arranged only one meetup. It was in Orlando. However, we’ve received a lot of feedback from X-Cart users who would love to come but didn’t have an opportunity to travel so far. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make two meetups this year and have chosen two completely different locations for them — incredible Los Angeles, aka Hollywood, on the west coast of the US. And sunny Tampa, best known as “Cigar City”, on the opposite coast, in Florida.

The first meetup will take place in Tampa on June, 1 (a great start to summer, isn’t it?). The second one — in LA on June, 13.

We are excited to invite you to both.

You should be there if…

  • You already use X-Cart software and have many (or at least any) questions or suggestions you would love to discuss personally with X-Cart top decision makers. Yes, your ideas can affect the future of X-Cart, I’m not kidding.
  • You plan to take your brick and mortar business online or nurture a huge eCommerce project. Come to the meetup to get invaluable advice from experts and make a huge step forward. We will be there to give you a hand.
  • You are eager to gain experience. At the meetup, you’ll be able to meet other retailers, exchange experience with them, and learn practical hints.
  • You want to be aware of X-Cart hot news. Those who are eager to be the first to know X-Cart destiny should never waste time thinking. Just register now.

Finally, it’s not only about business. There is always time to relax and drink some coffee, or beer if you don’t mind. So we’ll be glad to see you come, show us your online store or project, ask questions and have fun with other X-Carters.

Is it free? Yeah. Our meetups are absolutely free to attend and open to the public.

Stay tuned for the updates

More info is coming soon. We’ll update this post and share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and by email.

Thus, just in a little while, our attendees, agenda, partners and exact meetup venues will be announced.

So s-s-stay tuned! =)

Now, save your free seat for X-Cart Meetup

What about Chicago?

Not sure if Tampa and Los Angeles are good locations for you? That’s OK. Here is another option — let’s meet at IRCE in Chicago on June 6-9, 2017.

Tip: We’ve got a personal $200 discount for our customers. Just let us know you need it.

But there’s more

We can also arrange a personal meeting — only you and X-Cart 😉. Illinois, California, and Florida — choose what’s right for you and book it.

X-Cart team

Maxim Vydrin

Maxim Vydrin,
CEO at X-Cart

Mike White

Mike White,
also known as XcartGuru

Robert Rand

Robert Rand,
Chief Technology Officer at Rand Marketing Group

Adam Landers

Adam Landers,
Director of BuzDev
at Pitney Bowes

Alexander Dyachkov

Alexander Dyachkov,
Head of Tech Support and Hosting Dept’s

Olesya Vinogradov

Olesya Vinogradova,
Project manager
at X-Cart

Albina Valiullova

Albina Valiullova,
Project manager
at X-Cart

Tanya Kaznacheeva,
Project manager
at X-Cart

Olga Gorbunova

Olga Gorbunova,
Project manager
at X-Cart

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